After a Suicide: Resources and Support for Grieving Families, Individuals and Communities

The loss of a loved one to suicide is a tragic event that defies understanding. There are many resources available from reputable sources that can help you find ways to support those grieving. It is important to realize that this is “complicated grief”, it often involves strong emotions of guilt and anger which need to be acknowledged and addressed.

Additionally, creating a community response that is constructive and focuses on protecting community members (especially young people) who may be at risk for suicide is critical. Research has shown clearly that community response is a powerful tool for prevention.

Lighthouse recommends two websites as resources for postvention and grief. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is one of the premier organizations researching and working in the area of suicide prevention. Their website can be found at The Dougy Center has a wealth of resources for reaching out to those grieving the loss of a loved one. Their website can be found at

***These resources are available as a pdf below

Some Specific Links that may be helpful:

From the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention:

From The Dougy Center: The National Center for Grieving Children and Families: