Fundraising Tips

To get started, click the Fundraise Now button to create a fundraising web page for you or your team.  The tips below may give you some ideas as you develop your page and set your fundraising goals.  Use your page to reach out to friends via Facebook, Twitter and email.  With your help, Beacon of Hope 2017 can be our most successful event yet.


Share your personal story
If you know a loved one who has been affected by depression, when asking for donations, share how depression and suicide affects you and your family’s life. If you want to help the cause, explain what motivated you to join the cause. Mention that the Beacon of Hope 5K will benefit individuals in Virginia Beach.

Create a fundraising goal
The Beacon of Hope 5K is asking participants to raise money from friends, family, coworkers, and companies. Set a high bar!
Since we have specific recommendations on how to raise $250, we encourage participant to raise at least $200. You can set the goal higher if you want an even greater challenge. The more money that is raised, the more families we can help in our community. Click here to view and download a Beacon of Hope pledge sheet.


Ask, ask, and ask

You are speaking on behalf of those who may not be able to ask for themselves. People want to help those in need, and you are giving them an opportunity to contribute to such an important cause. If you limit those who you ask, you limit the amount you will raise.

Download Sample Fundraising Letter »

Ask one person per day to donate to your team. Your friends, family, co-workers, schoolmates, neighbors and other contacts are potential supporters. The donation amount is not as important as the number of people that you ask.

Once you have created your fundraising webpage through Facebook or other social networking site, send an email to everyone in your email address book. Include why the Beacon of Hope 5K is meaningful to you and why the interest and support of those close to you is important.

Inquire with your company about a matching gifts program. Matching gifts can double your team’s money!

Hold a fundraising event. It could be a yard sale, used book sale, bake sale, pizza dinner, or car wash. Involve your company and establish a company challenge. Challenge each department to raise money. Have a jeans Friday at the office. Everyone who contributes $5 or more on Friday can wear jeans. Host a happy hour at your apartment and donate the proceeds to your team. Ask a bar or restaurant if it is willing to have a charity night to benefit the Beacon of Hope 5K.

Raise $250 in a WEEK!
Day 1: Sponsor yourself $20
Day 2: Ask 4 relatives for $20 $80
Day 3: Ask 4 Friends for $15 $60
Day 4: Ask 4 Co-workers for $10 $40
Day 5: Ask 5 neighbors for $5 $25 Day 6 Ask your doctor, hairdresser, $25 Dentist, or dry cleaner for a $25 donation
Day 7: Take it easy! You did it! $250

Use the sponsor sheet to collect donations. We appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this and thank you for your support.

Download Pledge Sheet »

Download Sample Fundraising Letter »